Residences and Shopping Malls

LIPORIENT-01GL: Prevents the clogging of pipes by degrading fats and greases throughout along the pipe line.

LIPORIENT-XL: Reduces the accumulation of fats and greases inside the fat traps. Reduces the oil and grease by 30% helps to reduce the COD by 45-50%, reduces sludge in the tank

OD01: Stops malodors originating from toilets, showers and urinals. Replaces the malodor producing biofilms in the sewage pipes.

OD02: Stops the malodors originating from drains and sinks by penetrating throughly along the pipes.

OD100: Used for manholes by simply pouring or by pulvarisation to stop the malodors from the sewage systems.

OD101: Dispells the the smells of garbage and solid waste containers. Can be applied on garbage trucks, garbace cans or stacks.

ODORIENT-ARB: Enhances the efficiency of domestic sewage treatment processes. Lowers sludge load and dispells the malodors.

ODORIENT-ARB100: Is used to start-up the domestic waste water treatment processes and package activated sludge processes. Increases the quality of activated sludge, enhances the performance of the whole system.

ODORIENT-K100: Stops the malodors originating from balancing tanks, sludge drying tanks and equipment.

ODORIENT-F100: Stops malodors originating from septic tanks, reduces the sludge load and facilitates the cleaning process.

ODORIENT-F101: Used in balancing tanks of domestic waste water treatment facilities to stop the malodors and to enhance the efficiency of treatment.

ODORIENT-F10: Used in mobile toilets, reduces the sludge load and stops malodors.