Odorient - Treatment

ODORIENT-ARB: Designed for municipal waste waters, this product enhances the treatment efficiency of activated sludge processes during seasonal changes and overloads therefore stops the malodors.

ODORIENT-ARB100: This product is a condensed formula of bacteria especially for the initial phase of activated sludge process for efficient and ultrafast startup.

ODORIENT-ARE: Designed for industrial waste waters, this product contains multifunctional, versatile and efficient bacteria for increasing the efficiency of activated sludge.

ODORIENT-EP: Petrolium products or petrolium based wastes are degraded by this formula efficinetly in aerated processes. Used in docks, shipyards and bilge tanks of ships.

ODORIENT-EC6: This product contains bacteria that are able to degrade alcoloid and aromatic compounds especially seen in wastewaters of textile, and agricultural industries.

ODORIENT-KIM: Degrades the otherwise low biodegradeable surface active agents and phoshorus containg compounds used in detergent and laundry industries.

ODORIENT-CEL: Degrades cellulose wastes produced from paper pulp industries.

ODORIENT-AUG: Breaking down the high chain hydrocarbons and helps the biodegradation of petrolium products and their wastes.

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