Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bacterial product?

Bacterial products are simply a high concentration mixture of bacteria in solid or liquid form. These bacteria are chosen by their genetic properties for different applications such as waste water treatment, grease degradation, oil bio augmentation, poultry etc. These products are environmentally friendly and more efficient when compared to their chemical alternatives.

How bacterial products work?

Bacteria are programmed to do what is coded in its DNA. If bacteria uses oil as an energy source and consumes it, then these type of bacteria is suitable for oil contaminated soil. Simply, if this type of bacteria is applied to oil contaminated soil, they will consume the oil and the oil contamination will be gone. Bacterial products are simple and useful tools.

Are bacterial products safe?

They are totally safe. Because bacterial products contain Safety Class I type bacteria and these type of bacteria never cause any infection or any kind of threat to human or animal health. Even many of these bacteria are living in household area, on your hands or in your digestive system.

Are bacterial products are for environment?

Bacterial products are more than safe for the environment. They help nature to consume wastes. For instance, if a bacterial product is applied to a septic tank, degradation of the waste will start in the tank. When the tank is discharged, some of the degradation work will be already done by the bacterial product. This will ease the work which has to be done by the nature.