Thanks to natural chemical ingredients, BIOMIST is designed to catch the odor molecules in the air and neutralize them. It is an environmentally friendly product which does not include dangerous and flammable chemicals, does not harm other living organisms and nature. Odor neutralizer can be used against all types of malodor because it is formulated upon odor type and this is changeable regarding the field to be used.

These could be used in large areas such as waste storage plants, sludge drying units, and also could be applied in small areas such as kitchens, vehicles driven by smokers.

Usage areas:
• Waste Collecting Plants
• Solid Waste Storage Areas
• Composting Plants
• Sludge Drying Plants
• Farms
• Feedmills
• Rendering Plants
• Factory Air or Smoke
• Smoking Rooms
• Dressing Rooms

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