Environmental Technologies

LIPORIENT-01GL: Prevents the clogging of pipes by degrading fats and greases throughout along the pipe line.

ODORIENT-EP: Degrades especially hydrocarbons and can be used to degrade petroleum products, petroleum side-products, ship and docking waste waters.

ODORIENT-EC6: Used to degrade waste waters containing alcholoid compounds and aromatic rings. Enhances the efficiency of textile, medicinal, or heavy industrial waste water facilities.

ODORIENT-KIM: Degrades the otherwise low biodegradeable surface active agents and phoshorus containg compounds used in detergent and laundry industries.

ODORIENT-CEL: Degrades cellulosic wastes especially used in paper industries.

ODORIENT-AUG: Breaking down the high chain hydrocarbons and helps the biodegradation of petrolium products and their wastes.

ODORIENT-M1: Stops malodors originating from the sewage tanks of ships and yachts when directly applied to sewage tanks.

ODORIENT-M3: Reduces the oil accumulation in the bilge tanks of ships and yachts. Stops the malodors originating from waste, sewage and bilge tanks.

OD100: Used for manholes by simply pouring or by pulvarisation to stop the malodors from the sewage systems.

OD101: Dispells the the smells of garbage and solid waste containers. Can be applied on garbage trucks, garbace cans or stacks.